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Agritech Industry

CMARIX empowers different Agriculture from grassroot farmers to global enterprises with its powerful agriculture development services. With our services we empower farmers do smart farming with GPS technology, global collaboration, automating work processes and much more.


Our Domain

The Gems Of eCommerce

We want your product or services to reach directly to your customers and that should grow incrementally using our expertise into eCommerce. It’s our experience that helps retailers, wholesalers, distributors and manufactures to have a solid eCommerce presence with a powerful, personalized and rewarding store.

Agro Software Solutions

We offer advanced agri tech software solutions for farm management systems, agricultural focused IoT and process simulation applications, agricultural drones, and different evolving tech products for the agricultural sector.

Remote Assistant Solutions

We build robust software solutions that can facilitate remote assistance to the farmers, field workers and the pesticide workers working in different capacities in different facets of the agricultural sector.

Field Monitoring Software

We build robust and feature-rich field monitoring software and field analysis solutions utilising different technologies like Beacon, GIS, IoT and AR to gather and process agricultural data and important field data.

Data Analytics tools

We develop comprehensive data analytics tools for the agricultural sector that utilises the data collected by field monitoring tools to evaluate the farming risks, corp growth and other aspects related to agriculture.

Our Latest Projects

Here we are presenting few awesome work from the innumerable projects we have done.

Emerging Solutions

eCommerce is among our core expertise areas whether it’s serving an auto parts company in Australia or Healthcare company in the United States. With years of experience under our belt across diverse eCommerce business domains we ensure results in much faster time.


Farm Management Systems

We build custom farm management systems to help agricultural farms make informed decisions, optimize operations, improve farm production and gain more yields and profits.


Supply chain

We build robust agricultural supply chain solutions to enhance transparency by using blockchain technology and get rid of counterfeit products that in turn helps small farmers and agricultural farms.


Aerial imaging

We provide aerial imaging services for the agricultural sector and utilise those images for advanced analysis of the crop yield and other factors that need to be addressed for better production.


Product Information Management​

We help farmers to utilise smart IoT connectivity to collect field data and use remote sensing technology to keep track of irrigation, crop yields, soil moisture, as well as weather conditions​.


Indoor and vertical farming

We build software to help building and nourishing vertical and indoor farms in urban areas and help farmers with advanced tools to control indoor climate conditions and monitor crop yield.


Robotics and automation

We provide advanced robotics and automation tools and software solutions to control and navigate hi-tech tractors with a combination of technologies like AI, ISOBUS, and GPS navigation and ensure optimum efficiency and least farming efforts.

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